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I'm showing my cockateel at an in instagram♡

And here we see the wild Beerßen in his natural habitat.

Raggiana Bird-of-paradise

candleboxheart: debbiev196438: (via... - norinoriif!!

Moon: Birds in flight across a giant golden #Full #Moon...beautiful.

Pygmy Jerboa is among the list of those mammals that are smallest known in the world. It is nearly 47mm, or around one inch long mammal. This kind of mammal is found only in China and Central Asia but most of the all it lives in the area of Kazakhastan. The government has printed its photo on their postal stamps! It is believed that its size reduction is just because of the separating from that rodent family. It is the smallest creature in the world today.

TOUCAN IN BELIZE! By: Nathan Lemanski



動物の生きる場所が破壊されていく現実を訴えた二重露光アニメーションGIF。 人間の手によって破壊されていく自然と本来あるべき自然を表現した美しい作品です。 トルコのアーティスト Said