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MALAYSIAN TAPIR Family: Tapiridae (Tapirs) Habitat: Tropical Rain Forests Although Malaysian tapirs look like pigs, they are most closely related to horses and rhinos.

baird's tapir: At a max weight of 600 lbs, the tapir’s less-than-flattering colloquial name “Mountain Cow” refers to its bovine heft, though it is more closely related to the horse and the rhino. And like the rhino, the tapir is what scientists like to call a “living fossil” — its features have hardly changed over millions of years of evolution


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Lynx mom w cub. #HappyAlert via @Ashley Yoon Hippo Billy


Instantly Improve Your Day With This Magical Baby Tapir

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cat eating from chopsticks PHOTOHITO: PENTAX(ペンタックス)のカメラ PENTAX K-5で撮影した(味見)の写真(画像) - 写真共有サイト:フォトヒト

Tapir mom and baby.