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NRA head signals massive release of tainted water to help decommission Fukushima site - AJW by The Asahi Shimbun

She Allegedly Went on a Simple Jog in Her Toe Shoes. So Why Did She End Up Screaming and in Handcuffs? ‘I Didn’t Do Anything Wrong!’

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New Study Finds Bee Venom Can Kill HIV

Bees do so much good.

J. Frank Dobie photo, National Portrait Gallery IMG 4376.JPG. Born September 26, 1888 in Live Oak County, Texas. American folklorist, writer newspaper columnist best known for his many books depicting the richness traditions of life in rural Texas during the days of open range. He was instrumental in saving the Texas Longhorn breed of cattle from extinction.

"The best way to report these [stories], I find, is from the very ground level up, so that by the time you end up going to the government, you basically have the entire story, and my experience in the past is that if government officials contribute it is usually to try to deduct things from the story rather than to add to them."

Hector Rios - Mother's Nature:::Terrorist, Storm, volcano, and water....Hector: I wrote many stories in the last year and half by people who reported on TV-News, Newspaper, Someone or somebody wrote the story. My jobs is to explain to the world according to the wisdom from above....Combine their stories with my stories as the events occur emotional drama to the world as it goes to a spin...Half of the planet are extirpate because Drought, Water, Food, and disaster and mother nature play a…

It’s too late to save our world, so enjoy the spectacle of doom | Stewart Lee | Comment is free | The Guardian

While the existence of the newspaper as a print format, has been threatened of extinction before, the Internet and the eZine has caused buckling in the strength of this Content King. Or has it? Will this long standing media see another come-back as the niche newspapers spring up to bolster its importance in our society? We will follow the history of the newspaper and talk about why now is the best time to take advantage of this print media for your own business or organization.

Demand the Government of Kazakhstan Prosecutes a Hunter who Brutally Killed a Wolf on Camera