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芸妓さんと舞妓さんのブログ (geiko Tsunemomo)

I love the wagasa (japanese paper umbrella). They cost a million dollars, or might as well. (Beware Chinese fakes.)


Yukako is now a geiko, but this photo was taken in her last year as a maiko. Even though you cannot see her hair, you can tell that she is a maiko because her tenugui (scarf) is white and red. A geiko's tenugui is white and purple. Kyoto, Japan 2008.


geiko Momiyuki and maiko Ayano

A Geiko (Geisha) dressed in the Genroku style, with her hair in the Shimada-mage hairstyle of the Middle Edo period (1688-1715). It is believed that the yujo (ladies of pleasure) of Shimada created the hairstyle. 1920s

Kitano Shrine! ~ Setsubun Festival on seven hotels Japan dance ~: THE PHOTO DIARY By CANON!

1920's, Japan. °

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