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BIGGIE - A1040333 - - Brooklyn TO BE DESTROYED 07/01/15 If you like big friendly dogs , you will like Biggie. How someone could leave this handsome Pitty mix at the ACC due to moving is just plan beyond sad. Biggie is sixty nine pounds of friendly energy, he did very well on his SAFER in individual scores, but likes to know and be introduced properly to new people, so he received an Experience rating. Biggie is a house pet, he was neutered, knows what a crate is, and bel

GONE 5/14/2015 --- Brooklyn Center JANEL – A1035366 FEMALE, TAN / WHITE, PIT BULL MIX, 2 yrs STRAY – STRAY WAIT, NO HOLD Reason STRAY Intake condition EXAM REQ Intake Date 05/05/2015,

Just look into the eyes - love is pouring out. I will have a poodle again.

TO BE DESTROYED – 04/15/15 - CHESTER - A1032610 - MANHATTAN, NY - ***New Hope Only*** A volunteer writes: Adorable..There is no other word for Chester, a little boy, seven month old, left with us as his family moved out of the country. He lived and played with a Chihuahua.He would love kids and play rambunctiously with them. His former owners describe him as a very happy and affectionate babe. Chester has been very well cared for. He is beautifully made(by his Mama and

BELLA - A1034826 - - Brooklyn TO BE DESTROYED 06/09/15 Add one more dog to the list of pups whose family problems are imposed on their pet big time. Bella Boo is a young pit bull mix of hefty size at 68-pounds. Bella Boo’s family took the time to give her a pretty name but BB is still learning that pretty is as pretty does. She’s a good girl but she’s been given far too few socialization experiences and that has qualified her adoption to people who are experienced wi

PONPEI - A1034920 - - Brooklyn TO BE DESTROYED 05/10/15 **PONPEI IS ON PUBLIC LIST AND NEEDS YOU TONIGHT** Ponpei is a testament to unconditional love and resilience. He shows signs of a life that may not have been the best. He displays old scars and scabs but in spite of whatever he has endured he is friendly, social and eager to make new friends. Ponpei needs a new family now – one that will treat him with the love and kindness he deserves and he will be happy to r

RIP TO BE DESTROYED 05/18/15 TO BE DESTROYED 05/16/15 JADA - A1034960 - - Manhattan TO BE DESTROYED 05/14/15 A volunteer writes: Her name means ‘to know’ and this calm, friendly girl really does have an air of wisdom about her but it’s Jada’s silly side that made me fall truly, madly, deeply in love. She’s pretty much amazing at everything from walking (at the perfect pace) to greeting other dogs (with low-key friendship)

SUPER URGENT TO BE DESTROYED - 05/09/15 TO BE DESTROYED 05/08/15 TO BE DESTROYED - 05/06/15 BISCUIT - A1033282 - TO BE DESTROYED 05/03/15 – ***LOYAL FAMILY MEMBER DISCARDED BECAUSE OF A NEW BABY*** A volunteer writes “Biscuit was relinquished into our care as his family, counting many children and a new arrival, had no time for a pet anymore. He was owned long enough for his former master to make positive comments about him. Biscuit…

SIMBA - A1034788 - - Brooklyn TO BE DESTROYED – 05/16/15 A volunteer writes: Not only is Simba the sweetest pittie, she also might hold the key to the fountain of youth! I happened to be there when she was brought in with her housemate, Diamond. Both girls were so wiggly and friendly to everyone….and we all collectively gasped when we learned that Simba is 11 years old! She is very petite and beautiful. The little mole between her cheek and her mouth makes her lik