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Buttons from a gentleman's frock coat, c. 1780

Handpainted button

9 Vintage Fruit & Flowers Dimensional Celluloid Buttons, Including a Weeber

Pewter Dish by W.M.F. circa.1900. W.M.F. was the most successful German art pewterer of the Art Nouveau period. Designers shch Wilhelm Wagenfeld adapted classic Art Nouveau elements to commercial forms which were mass-produced in Continental pewter, an electroplated metal alloy more similar to Brinannia metal than British pewter. (hva)


One of 6 Buttons | Josiah Wedgwood and Sons , 1785-1800. Jasper mounted to cut steel. These buttons are for a man's formal coat. Large buttons became fashionable in the 1780s. By this date they were entirely decorative, as the coat was usually worn open over a matching waistcoat. The waistcoat would have had a set of smaller, matching buttons.

Mosaic button.

Pearls, Page 3. This is a whole collection of beautiful pierced/carved iridescent white pearls called "Bethlehem" and "Jordan" pearls. Found in the Holy Land in the 1940's and 1950's and very highly collected and treasured today for their artistry. Thanks so much to Ada Nell McComas for providing the scans of her collection!

1 silk antique passementerie cloth button red claret intricate covered multi thread ribbonwork trim 13/16" wide

1 silk antique passementerie cloth button red by duchesstrading

These are gorgeous! They just don't make buttons like this anymore.