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I am both introverted and extroverted. I enjoy socialising and draw energy from being around people, I also need time alone to regenerate afterwards and can spend extended periods on my own- if I stay in either state for too long I feel out of sorts and find a balance of the two states suits me best. I love this little piece, I know and love people of both types and this is one of the best descriptions/myth busters I have ever read regarding introverts.

After all this time, people still find it surprising when I go after something with everything I've got. It's just who I am. Trying to be different was what made me sick in the first place.

Yeeeah...people don't believe me when I say I don't have a filter, but a 10-foot thick steel wall... :)

Love facts

Wow. Thank you for summing that up quite nicely. This is what it's all about.

I will deduce and gauge your intentions. I will determine where you came from. I will measure your intelligence and/or educational background. I'll check out your hygiene. I will analyze your demographics and socioeconomic status. And I will come to my own damn conclusions.

Self Care Cheat Sheet - Self-Care isn't all that hard after all!

The truth about introverts…

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