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Egypt, Saudi Arabia Outraged By State Dept. Reception of Muslim Brotherhood Delegation...

U.S. State Department DID meet with Brotherhood leader - Walid Shoebat

Plea by grandson of state’s founder comes as falling oil prices, war in Yemen and loss of faith in authority buffet leadership of King Salman

Private sector forced to bail out state Focus remains on tax revenues while gov’t expenditure has not shrunk to the levels required | In contrast to popular belief both in Greece and abroad, the general government spent a bit more as a percentage of gross domestic product in 2012 than it did in 2009, the year before Athens asked for a bailout from the eurozone and International Monetary Fund, according to European Commission data.

obama you jerk from an egyptian

Israel Approves $46 Million Plan To Absorb All European Jews Following Muslim Terror Attacks - “We are bracing ourselves and calling for a mass immigration from Europe,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday. “I would like to say to all of Europe’s Jews, and Jews everywhere, Israel is the home of every Jew,” he said in a Facebook post.

THE CALIPHATE EYES THE HOLY LAND - Israel faces the jihadists in Syria, in Sinai and perhaps even at home

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The Hesse curriculum effectively places Islamic instruction on equal footing with similarly state-approved ethics training in the Protestant and Catholic faiths. By offering young Muslims a basic introduction to Islam as early as first grade, emphasizing its teachings on tolerance and acceptance, the authorities hope to inoculate young people against more extreme religious views while also signaling state acceptance of their faith.