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MPENZI WEWE NI FURAHA YA MAISHA YANGU means: "My love (favorite) you are the joy of my life"

MOYO WA YESU NI KITULIZO CHA MAISHA YANGU means, "The Heart of Jesus is a healing in my life." There are khangas representing about any aspect of life you can imagine. When Christianity came to East Africa, so to did khangas with Christian motifs.

MIMI NA WEWE FOREVER means: 'Me and you forever'

FURAHA YA IDD NAMSHUKURU MOLA means: "I thank the almighty for the joy of Idd" the makers mark on the lower right says: AHLAN WASAHLAN TANZANIA KHANGA MALI YA KRIKA D NO. 5093 I do not believe this one was made in Tanzania.

UPENDO NI NURU YA MAISHA means: "Love is the guiding light of our Lives"

TUNAPENDA AFRICA YETU means: "We love our Africa"