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japanese new yearsスタイルのある暮らし It's FLORAL NEW YORK Style ~暮らしをセンスアップするフラワースタイリングで毎日を心豊かに、心地よく~

みょこ@マビノギデュエル on Twitter: "@otyaoishii2705 「敵戦場… 57a68b250ac6eee9b4a0d4b319f24b1d172473bf11d9b5-4tfbM3_fw658 (658×1199)

川瀬敏郎 Kawase Toshiro Official Homepage

Great color combo and love the idea of adding a bunch of different elements into the shape of a circle on a scrapbook page. もっと見る

Ikebana by Toshiro Kawase incredible ikebana its amazing if you take 3 classes it will change the way you do flowers unless your british in which case, stick with the wild heather hanging thing, but this is such a beautiful art form i learned and im ok at it.. x c


철혈야차 82PIGEON

철혈야차 82PIGEON (@666p…@九极浮屠采集到乱世长安梦千尘(1148图)_花瓣插画/漫画

2012年4月8日(日) 清雅のうちに華やぎがあります。 花=御輪椿(ゴリンツバキ) 器=青銅王子形水瓶(六朝時代,229~589 AD.)Toshiro Kawase / Love the way this arrangement is balanced. It has so much movement.