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Paranthropus boisei, entre 2,4 et 1,2 Ma.

Top 5 prehistoric sea monsters! (Great illustrations/images, but the text is in Japanese)

人間の祖先,古代の祖先,先史時代の生き物,共通祖先,絶滅種,アカデミー,高さ,Historic Ancestors,Previous Fossil

from The Little Golden Book of Dinosaur Reproduction, 1952.

Australopithecus Africanus ~ Kennis & Kennis Reconstructions.

ピンもと:nanapi - 生活の知恵があつまる情報サイト


恐竜+アート?「ランツェンドルフ古生物アート賞」受賞アーティストが描く古の世界がスゴイ! | nanapi [ナナピ]

harvestheart: Artist John Gurche used the latest forensic techniques, fossil discoveries, and 20 years of experience to create the lifelike reconstructions of early humans on display in the Hall of Human Origins. The painstaking process required a detailed knowledge of human and ape anatomy. It took Gurche 2½ years to complete these busts.

Jomon goddess figure (Japan's Jomon era: 14,000 BC to about 300 BC)

From left to right: Homo habilis, hehehehe this is my fave!!! Homo Sapiens, Homo floresiensis, Homo Erectus, Paranthropus boisei, Homo heidelbergensis and Homo neanderthalensis