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Hisses- look my name is Dima! What more do you want!? I'm strong, easy to anger and I kill. Yes I'm shy no leave me!

Anna Inanna Nakano, Frozen In Time spitpaint

Amaltea by on @deviantART

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Lamia, Sable, fled to sewers to escape hunters, has since saturated the entire system with her aura, to the point where even experienced hunters will no longer chase the hunted beyond the edge of a stormdrain, not to say that the hunted are any safer, for she has made the sewers of New york her kingdom, and woe unto those who gain her ire, ---note: has unintentionally become the focus of a minor cult, much to her chagrin, also has become impromptu protector of a small band of urban fae much…



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