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Lost In Osaka by Salvatore. Osaka trip during the September of 2011. Went about my daily plans and stop by a few places to capture footage of this amazing country.


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なぜ聖書を読むか?聖書は、人生や将来についての私たちの重要な質問への答えを持っています!このビデオを見てください。 (Why read the Bible? The Bible has the answers to our important questions about life and the future! Please watch this video.)

【ビデオ】現存するのはこの1台のみ! 驚くほど美しいフェラーリ「330 P4」

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There are six easy ways to make our three-dimensional drawings and give the illusion of depth and space; through these six tips we could see through the history of art and discover how artists have developed increasingly more sophisticated systems to deceive the viewer’s eyes and show non-existent spaces.


Hi guys!! I know It's a long video!! Sorry I had to talk a lot... lol Thanks for watching!! 日本ではまだ浸透の浅い、 クリームコントアーについて詳しくビデオを作りました! 不思議に思っていた方も多いと思いますが、このビデオ...