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Ancient celtic houses, Iberia Spain

Celtic: The Coracle is an ancient, light, round, one-person boat with a long history. Coracles (from the Welsh "cwrwgl") date back thousands of years. They have been in large use in the British Isles from pre-Roman times, mainly for the transport of fish, meat, grain, or reeds, by the Celtic population.

Modern depiction of Celtic Roundhouse, The Din Lligwy Ancient Village, 3-4th century AD, North Wales.

Japanese tea house

The CASTROS, remains of ancient walled cities, where the Celts lived

Tukul homes, Ethiopian highlands

Ancient Celts - Celtic warriors often painted their bodies with a blue die from a plant called "Woad". The woad would be painted in different shapes, such as animal. They were very fierce fighters, and the Romans feared them. Sometimes Celtic warriors would enter battle wearing nothing but woad and a necklace. This necklace would supposedly hold healing powers.

茶室構造模型 - Traditional Japanese tea house, constructed from a underlying timber framing and wattle structure. Wattle is lightweight construction material made by weaving thin branches or slats between upright stakes to form a woven lattice. It is infilled with an earthen plaster, called daub.