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Chumash Pictographs

Fremont Area Rock Art, Nine Mile Canyon, by James Q. Jacobs. The recent petroglyphs of horses with riders are much brighter than old prehistoric glyphs. Repatination, like style, is a useful indicator of petroglyph age. Breaking the rock surface and removing the dark mineral patina accreted on the surface reveals the light rock interior. Over time, the process of patination very slowly restores the darker rock surface colour. [Shows repeated use of the site over generations. JE]

Tassili n'Ajjer

native american cave paintings | Ancient peoples adorned these cave walls using paint made from dirt or ...

the Navajo deity called Monsterslayer at Crow Canyon

Native American petroglyph in central Arizona, approximately 1000-1200 CE. By Ekkehart Malotki,


Sinagua Pictograph Style - Yavapai Co.

The complex panel. Ancestral Puebloan rock art.

#Prehistoric #Cave #painting | 35000 years ago | Ancient Art History - this head on a body reminds me of some Egyptian art

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