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Nokia City Lens for Nokia Lumia: Augmented Reality Browser (Beta)


Nokia City Lens arrives for trials on Lumia devices, augments your reality (video)

Nokia City Lens out on beta for Lumia devices, augments your reality (video)

Pioneer touts world's first car GPS with augmented reality HUD ~ We've seen augmented reality, and GPS with augmented reality, but we haven't seen the two combined at the front of a car's windshield. A pair of Cyber Navi rigs from Pioneer promise to change all that, using an add-on, laser-projected heads-up display from MicroVision that shows driving directions just above the road itself, making sure that you focus on what's in front rather than squinting at the LCD off to the side.#Pioneer…


Nokia City Lens exits beta, gives a window on the world to Lumia owners

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Project Glass: Augmented Reality Glasses

Nike Building Twist: Projection Mapping Event ~ Nike Building Twist is an interactive projection mapping experience controlled by a shoe that’s been wired up with a bunch of pressure sensors and plugged into an Arduino board, allowing users to literally twist a building like you can the shoe. The pressure sensors control dynamic projection mapping installation in real-time, creating a very cool hands on experience for Nike. #Nike #NikeBuildingTwist #projectionmapping