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Caramel Roasted Pears Recipe

Caramel Roasted Pears Recipe Perfect One-Dish Dinners Cookbook Promo Video

Japanese rice. Inarizushi いなり寿司

Taste the Rainbow



"gorgeous deep purple plums - as beautiful to look at as they are to eat. When I was a teen, we lived in a house with a plum tree/bush right outside my sister's bedroom window....we were forever climbing out and picking plums for a quick snack! :)"

Source: enbasdechezmoi — Designspiration

神様、たしかに 知恵をつけるほど 楽園が遠ざかりました 知恵が生むこの苦しみが 罰なのですか 引き返すこともできず ただ堕ちてゆく私は、それでも いつの日か、誰かをアダムに仕立てあげ 楽園に似た世界を作ろうと思っています 女という無限の力で

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