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How to Organize Your Crystal Collection Using Plano Boxes

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ピンもと:Finding Magick

How to Organize Your Crystal Collection Using Plano Boxes

How To Organize Your Crystal Collection Using Plano Boxes - - Here's a DIY home storage solution for your crystals and gemstones. These boxes are GREAT! They are compact, stackable and affordable! The Plano stowaway boxes hold a lot of tumbled stones! Organize them according to chakra, shape or the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. How do you store your stones?

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How to make a super basic crystal grid

how to make a basic crystal grid rogue wood blog

Earth Mined Stones

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How To Choose a Crystal

How To Choose Crystals. Crystal Healing guide for beginners.


Crystals Talisman in antique vial. Bespoke Custom (your choice of gems - amethyst, moonstone, rose quartz, fluorite, labradorite, garnet...)

Crystals Talisman w authentic antique vial. by underthepyramids

ANXIETY mini sacred crystal grid rhodonite and by CrystalGrids, $18.00

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Agate | These crystals are great for balancing, notably yin and yang energy. Also great for protection and strength.


How To Clear, Activate & Store Your Crystals

I believe healing stones are a great addition to any self-care regimen. I've used gemstones to make healing elixirs, for protection and as part of abundance rituals or healing sessions.