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Day 21: Biggest influence: I really don't know who the biggest influence on me is but it's one of these boys. I can't really describe how they influence me....but i can tell its these three.....

Niallhoran Zaynmalik,私たちは若い再,私たちは若いしている間,若く,1Dの強迫観念,方向強迫観念,イム,子供,ニュース

Return of the Boy Bands

My cousin is a freaking carrot! She was like "I'm going to go see this is us!!!1!1!1 the band with max and siva!!!!!1!1!1!1!1" lets just say that I went off on her<<< that is so beautiful ROFL X*D


I love each and everyone of their personalities,voices,and their sense of style. You should also see them off stage they are hilarious. They are amazing at what they do and i hope and pray they never split up (it would be a terrible tragic for me and all the other one directon fans.)

可愛いですね(*´∀`*) 保存する時はコメかポチしてくれると嬉しいです★One Direction

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liam the ballerina<3 :D

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