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PEDAL Journal (ペダル・ジャーナル) - 【オフィス閲覧注意】見ちゃいけない思うとついつい見てしまう部分フェチ

Foto: Oh buona notte #Biciarrapatimentali vista l'ora tarda vi posto questa Cannondale old school!! Spakka #Mtb #girls

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Women in tights... Women on bikes... — Checking if the bike helmet strap is tight enough

HTBC - HowToBeACrack: noviembre 2006

Girls on rigs – LOL. This title cracked some of us up so much that it had to stay this way. It came on as a joke and with majority of votes in favour, it had to become a part of this post title. Anyway, let’s take a short break from groupsets, pedals, reviews, and […]