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If you are in or have friends in Japan, hunt down the Nanuk sketchbooks. The page is a soft cream color, with thread binding and absolutely no branding or logos anywhere. Unlike most sketchbooks (even those from Muji) these are nice and tall which is ideal for note taking and designing for web and mobile apps.

It's silly, I know, to actually buy these faked out boxes posing as books. I like that it makes my space look more like a somewhere I want to think and work on ideas, rather than an Office Max catalog. I use the big book to as a monitor stand and a place to store completed sketchbooks and the mid-size book as my toolbox. Plus they're $5 or something at Ross. Find a container that you want to see on your desk every day!

The A6 Muji Dot Grid notebook is my go-to. Like all Muji products, it's unbranded and has all the attention to details you require. It's tape and thread bound, with a soft cream and a faint dot grid that helps your work stay tidy but won't cramp your style.

White post it notes are great for taking notes and also for making quick Wizard of Oz dynamic paper prototypes.

Japanese candy box // smile ; ) PD

For design sketching, I love these thick, but soft mechanical pencils. The led never seems to break and you can adjust how much of a tip you need by the simple twist. The led seems to erase easily. They're cheap, simple and just work.

The double-tip hexagonal Muji pen was a happy accident. The grip has a soft touch and the shape means it never rolls off the table. It's double sided so you can get a thick and thin tip which is great for wireframe sketches. The ink is a bit softer and won't bleed through paper like sharpies.


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