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What’s Social Media’s Actual Advertising Contribution? -- As social media has evolved into one of the most popular marketing tools today for reaching consumers, all of the leading social networks are now competing for marketers’ ad dollars. After all, eMarketer estimates that spending on social media ads will reach $6.6 billion in the U.S. this year, which is more than 46% higher than last year.

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#SocialMedia Expected to Score Major #Advertising Spike in the World Cup -- Social media and the World Cup seem to be a match made in marketing heaven as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube win over the major advertisers trying to kick up their global audience reach. While social media may take the trophy for marketing resources, TV and radio are also predicted to steal their typical high share of ad revenue. For a look at how marketers are tackling social media in this year’s World Cup...


The 13 Scariest Social Media Fails by Brands this Year -- Social media is usually a valuable channel that allows businesses to engage with consumers in powerful ways. However, sometimes marketers do make mistakes—especially when their social media accounts are handled by inexperienced staff members.


Facebook to Deliver Social Media for The New York Times and Others -- Have you heard the news that Facebook is working with The New York Times and other media outlets like BuzzFeed and National Geographic on a program to post the content from these media sources directly on the social media network? The program would give these print media masters a share of the social media audience while allowing Facebook to share in their advertising revenue.

Why Social Media Matters for CEOs Despite the social media revolution over the past decade, many CEOs remain somewhat skeptical about their business’s use of the platforms. Why? Usually the wariness isn’t rooted in doubting the power of social networks—clearly they are extraordinarily popular and have changed how we interact—but rather in concerns about whether social media spends actually boost the bottom line.