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Aphyosemion bivittatum

Pseudepiplatys annulatus (Clown Killifish) - even smaller than the Badis(!), these guys are a favorite because they look like little rocketships when they're moving. The blue and red on their tails is iridescent and really striking in real life.

【楽天市場】(熱帯魚)ミクロラスボラsp.ハナビ(1匹) 北海道航空便要保温:charm 楽天市場店

chromaphyosemion volcanum

Lionhead goldfish.

Hypsolebias carlettoi by Peter M4, via Flickr

Lyretail Killifish Lyretail Killifish

Pseudomugil gertrudae by TopGon on DeviantArt

Corydoras paleatus - Peppered Cory Cat

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