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this isn't happiness™ (Dan May), Peteski

アーティストNicolettaceccoli,美しいイラスト,Nicoleta Ceccoli,デニコレッタ,すべての混合,夢,抽象,シュールレアリズム,Nicoletta Ceccoli 3

MUMCHANCE [adjective] 1. mute, or not speaking; silent. [noun] 2. a slient person; mute. 3. a silent, stupid person. 4. an old game of chance played with cards in silence. [verb] 5. to be silent out of caution or stupidity. 6. masquerade. Etymology: from Middle English mommen (“mutter, be silent”) and Middle High German mummenschantze (“game of chance as part of a masquerade, mime performance, revel”), from Old French momen (“mask”) and cheance (“game of chance”). [Anne Bachelier - Lost In…

One of my favorites by~Nicoletta Ceccoli. I adore her work!

LICORNE [noun] French: unicorn - a fabled creature symbolic of virginity and usually represented as a horse with a single straight spiraled horn projecting from its forehead. Etymology: from Old French unicorne, probably a contraction of l’unicorne “the unicorn”. [Steve Roberts]

“Twisted Fate” by Dan May

Japanese contemporary art Forgetting the way home 帰り道を忘れて