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*Mic drop* walk away.

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Human Family concept tree. Baha’is believe in one God, eternal in the past and the future, who loves and progressively educates humanity through successive revealed religions. The Baha’i writings say that the Creator is an “unknowable essence,” far beyond the capacity of creation to comprehend.

I just hope there's enough good churches and charities willing to help those needing a hand up instead of a hand out!

Isabelle was murdered, justice needs to be served. Dogs are powerless, we need to stand up for their rights! We have no right to murder them. Please sign and share this petition to get justice for Isabelle. :'(

Você conhece a regra do ABCD? A metodologia é indicada pela SBD (Sociedade Brasileira de Dermatologia), com a finalidade de facilitar o reconhecimento das manifestações dos três tipos de câncer de pele: carcinoma basocelular, carcinoma espinocelular e melanoma. A significa assimetria B significa borda C significa Cor...

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Our souls will conect ,time in moments, time in a soul

Such a great point. scariest part of all is that you can swicth countries and flags to Australia and it is still true