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Karkadann (Persian) – While not evil, these are the bullies of the deserts and they think of themselves the rightful Lords of the Deserts. These agressive desert Unicorn are much bigger than their weaker cousins and are truly fearless, they attack creatures much bigger than themselves such as dragons without a chill.

Yagim (Native American) - Common Yagim are red sharks that are extremely hostile and aggressive toward other creatures, they can live in both salt and fresh water. The Sand Yagim (on picture) are magical sharks adapted at swimming in the hot desert sands as easy as a fish swims in water.

mythical creatures that Japanese sculptor Yoshimasa Tsuchiya fashions out of wood

The Qilin is the Chinese unicorn, one of the few "species" of Chinese magical creatures, though sometimes there's only supposed to be one of them in existence.

The kada are winged snakes of China that possesses a human face and have the appearance of dragons with no legs. They cause floods. G. River

In Persian mythology, peris are descended from fallen angels who have been denied paradise until they have done penance. In earlier sources they are described as agents of evil; later, they are benevolent. They are exquisite, winged, fairy-like creatures ranking between angels and evil spirits.