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Vanilla Var, Japan

Bar Trench

Bar Trench, Tokyo, Japan


Nary a few minutes’ walk from JR Ebisu Station’s West Exit, just a turn around the corner from What the Dickens!, lie two rarities in Japan’s drinking scene: Bar Tram and Bar Trench. What makes them extraordinary is the libation they specialize in: absinthe.


Absinthe at the super chic Hong Kong hot spot Bibo.

Absinthe Salon

Great picture of Australia's Absinthe Salon.

Bar Ampère

Bar Ampere, Melbourne. with its latest shipment of La Clandestine. Maybe enough for a couple of days!

La Clandestine 苦艾酒两次获得瑞士的金匙奖, 被称为苦艾酒中的奥斯卡。 因为此款苦艾酒的高品质口感, 清香的味道, 还有调制时产生的梦幻般云雾效果, La Clandestine被世界的苦艾酒迷们喜欢。 我们现在很高兴能将这款迷人的酒带给中国的消费者。

The Blue Butcher, Hong Kong.

Clive's Classic Lounge, Victoria, BC

Sassafras, Hollywood. Ginger beer drinks, an absinthe fountain, and deliciously potent concoctions (pecan julep, sherry cobbler with peach and pink peppercorn liqueur) all deserve to be sampled.