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Ibibio Deformation Mask, Nigeria Height: 11 inches.

A BETE OR GURO MASK By the Masters of Gonate With pierced eyes below arched brows in relief, pierced open mouth, median ridge to the center of the tall forehead, triple groove to the angled hairline, small ears in shallow relief, two horns above of rectangular section curving inwards to almost joined at the tips, encrusted dark patina, old labels 17¾in. (45cm.) high

Noh mask by Ichiyu TERAI, Japan

African Baule mask from Côte d'Ivoire (via African-art-shop)

Japanese Noh theater mask of Sanko-jo 三光尉

Dan beaked mask "gägon" - the mask was completed by a high tapering cylindrical helmet with feathers, a skirt of grass fibres and blue-white cloth wrapped around the upper part of the body. According to Hans Himmelheber this mask type surely had educational purposes in former times but nowadays it is only used for entertainment of the village people. H: 24 cm Read more:

noh masks

Inuit shaman mask

Japanese mask sculpture

African Dan Kran mask