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Cherry blossom petals have started to fall in the brook running through the small park of Yakushido Hall, one of the temples dotting Sensoji Temple's grounds, Asakusa's main attraction. (Sensoji's side is visible in the back.) #Asakusa, #Sensoji, #Yakushido, #brook, #cherry, #blossom April 9, 2016 © Grigoris A. Miliaresis

Tokyo Fire Department Memorial in Asakusa 5/20. First, one group from each crew runs through the Sensoji Temple to pay their respects to Kannon-sama, the temple's deity -with matoi standards and everything! #Asakusa, #firemen, #hikeshi, #memorial, #Sensoji, #matoi Taken on May 25, 2014. © Grigoris A. Miliaresis



「星の王子さまミュージアム 箱根サン=テグジュペリ」

Tokyo Fire Department Memorial in Asakusa 6/20. The hikeshi/firemen return to the Kannon Ura area (i.e. behind Sensoji Temple) and keep swirling their matoi standards. This is what their ancestors did when they first arrived to a fire scene to notify the rest of the crew where the fire was. #Asakusa, #firemen, #hikeshi, #memorial, #Sensoji, #matoi Taken on May 25, 2014. © Grigoris A. Miliaresis

酸ヶ湯(すかゆ)温泉:sukayu-onsen In Japan you wash & rinse outside the tub. Everyone uses the same tub water for soaking only. Onsens are places to enjoy hot springs bathing at inns, hotels & ryokans (Japanese traditional inns). Rotenburo are outside hot springs. Nature can be enjoyed while bathing in the rotenburo. Sentos are public bath houses found in residential neighboods. Ofuro is the bath in the home.

Speaking about Jizo, one the most impressive statue of his in Tokyo can be found in Asakusa -not many people know that! It is in the Tozenji temple in east Asakusa, very out of the way and it dates back to the mid 1700s. #Asakusa, #Jizo, #Tozenji 1/3 © Grigoris A. Miliaresis

☆ Ishi-datami, Kagura-zaka, Tokyo.

Members of the Asakusa Kaminari-ren awaodori crew accompanying the dance with flutes… #Asakusa, #Awaodori, #Kaminari, #Sakurabashi, #Sumidakoen, #cherry, #blossom 4/5 April 5, 2015 © Grigoris A. Miliaresis

Torii Gate - Fushimi Inari Shrine, Kyoto, Japan

Trains are very, ahem, big in Japan and in all stations you can get stamps as a free souvenir. This one is from the Asakusa Station on Toei Asakusa Line running between Nishi-Magome in Ota ward and Oshiage (aka "Sky Tree Station") in Sumida ward and contains some of the most famous Asakusa images: the Kaminarimon Gate of Sensoji temple, the Hanayashiki amusement park and a chochin lantern from the big Sanja Matsuri festival held every May.