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Chinese Traditional Costume

Ni hao time-less Female beauty, style & elegance

한복 hanbok, Korean traditional clothes もっと見る

chinese wedding

jckerrychen: The Empress of China Starring Zhang Tong, Kathy...

.Traditional Chinese Hanfu Phoenix Wedding Dress for Brides

GothicVictorian love.

新作浴衣 レトロモダン 大正ロマン 個性派 数量限定 柄が選べる 福袋 kimonomachi オリジナル 【 浴衣 】【 浴衣 セット 】【 ゆかた 】朝顔 菊 傘 麻の葉 牡丹 向日葵。浴衣 セット レトロ レディース 「夏色美人」 2016 浴衣セット ゆかた 2016 女性浴衣 菊 傘 麻の葉 牡丹 花柄 向日葵

Chinese Tang Dynasty style. The Tang Dynasty, the most prosperous dynasty in Chinese history, reined from 618 AD to 907 AD. It enlarged the territory greatly and made achievements in politics, economics, military, culture, and diplomacy. They created a strong foundation of government that was based on the leaders achievements in education and their merits. This dynasty helped to make China the leader of eastern trade, and their economic growth and stability led to China's strong foundation.

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