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Zhao Ji: Thousand Character Classic

Thought to be developed in China around 1300 B.E., calligraphy was very similar to the symbols of the Sumerians and the Egyptians. The Chinese "alphabet" was said to contain over 44,000 individual characters, until a royal decree was issued in 210 B.C.E., "simplifying" it to around 1,000 basic characters. A few centuries before the Chinese invented calligraphy, the Phoenicians were already skilled maritime traders.

The Man'yōshū 万葉集 literally means "Collection of Ten Thousand Leaves", is the oldest existing collection of Japanese poetry, compiled sometime after 759 AD during the Nara period.

Zhao Shaoang, Fishing Alone 獨釣, 1957

Yukio Nakagawa

作品 > 水 | 書家 中嶋宏行

王羲之 「翰香館法書(かんこうかんほうしょ)」にある「知汝帖(ちじょじょう)」

Calligrapher Lu Songxian - giant chinese calligraphy " longevity character" China

Japanese poem by Mibu no Tadamine from Ogura 100 poems (early 13th century) 有明の つれなく見えし 別れより あかつきばかり 憂きものはなし "Like the morning moon, / Cold, unpitying was my love / And since we parted, / I dislike nothing so much / As the breaking light of day." (calligraphy by yopiko)

Calligraphie de Zentsū-ji ---------#japan #japanese #calligraphy