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Leeuwenhoek Eschenholz - アントニ・ファン・レーウェンフック - Wikipedia

A microscopic section of a one-year-old ash tree (Fraxinus) wood, drawing made by Van Leeuwenhoek.

世紀の奇書? カネ目当てのでっちあげ? 謎の未解読文書「ヴォイニッチ手稿」はこれだ【全ページ】

Drawing of a magnetic field by French philosopher René Descartes, from his Principia Philosophiae, 1644.


Brilliantly Simple Tower Collects Safe Drinking Water Out of Thin Air

The Warka Water tower literally pulls clean drinking water straight from thin air. First debuted in rural Ethiopia, and conceived as a way to help communities in the area that lack access to safe drinking water, the innovative design recently took home the World Design Impact Prize in Taipei. Each tower consists of a bamboo frame, recyclable and biodegradable mesh, and a water tank which can easily be assembled by six local villagers in only four days. It is able to collect up to 100 liters…

Haeckel Phaeodaria 1 - 放散虫 - Wikipedia

Molecular Expressions Microscopy Primer: Anatomy of the Microscope - Brightfield Microscopy Digital Image Gallery - Pine Stem

Haeckel Spyroidea - 放散虫 - Wikipedia

Comparison of the vessels in a branch of a (left) pine and an oak (right). Tables 32 and 33 in The Comparative Anatomy of Trunks, printed with The Anatomy of Plants (1682 folio edition) (actual size 240 mm × 150 mm). (Royal Society Library; copyright © The Royal Society.)