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By Peter Mueller Brazil This elegant pair of Macaws are each carved from a valuable bi-colored beryl known as morganite-green beryl, with a total approximate carats weights of 875.0 and 1154.0 carats. With gold vermeil feet, raised on a smoky quartz base, above a polished rock crystal quartz base. Height 13in

By Peter Mueller Carved from quartz having red inclusions, with agate beaks and tongues, two cabochon garnet eyes, raised on gold vermeil feet. The pair perches upon a massive tourmaline in quartz base which rests upon a custom lucite base. Height 16in

mineralists: Slices of Watermelon Tourmaline

By Peter Mueller Brazil Each finch carved from lemon yellow quartz, accented with carnelian agate beaks and rubellite tourmaline cabochon eyes. The gold vermeil feet rest upon a substantial emerald-in-matrix base originating from the famous Campo Formoso Mine in Brazil. Raised on a polished rock crystal quartz base. Height 8in

zephyr : 画像

By Peter Mueller A virtual portrait of a noble stallion, carved from a single large rough specimen of rock crystal quartz and given a polished and frosted surface to imitate the glossy hide of the steed. His eyes are inset with garnet cabochons. Raised on a custom-made base of gold plated bronze above a square acrylic plinth base Height 16in

HORSE HEAD CARVED OUT OF SMOKY QUARTZ Artist: Peter Müller Stone Source: Brazil & Worldwide This stately Horse head has been carved from a single smoky Quartz prism: with alert ears that are pointed forward. The water-clear head has a brilliant polish while the flowing mane has a contrasting frosted, matte finish. The rock crystal Horse head is mounted on a gold plated sterling silver pedestal that rests on a stepped, slightly smoky, Quartz plinth. The sculpture is in excellent condition…

By Peter Mueller Brazil Each carved of bright blue onyx, the beaks carved of carnelian agate, the eyes inset with rubellite tourmaline cabochons, with silver feet. Raised on an aethetic base of multi-color paraiba tourmaline crystals embedded in a lepidolite base, above a fitted acrylic base. Height 9 in

<i></i><i>By Peter Mueller<br />Brazil</i><br />Each carved of bright blue sodalite from Brazil, with inset rubellite cabochon eyes and yellow agate checks. The gold vermeil feet resting on a Brazilian rock crystal quartz cluster with transparent crystals. Raised on a acrylic base, <i>height 20in</i><br /><i></i>

<b>A Red Quartz Horned Owl Carving, Peter Mueller,</b> <br /> Brazil, <br /> convincingly depicting a watchful owl perched on a boulder, the body composed of hematite included "red" quartz where the red hue is present in patches giving the appearance of speckled feathers, the eyes inset with citrine and onyx accents, the transparent beak formed of garnet with a red coral tongue, the talons in gold plated silver clutching the attractive rutile included quartz crystal base which glows with…