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By Peter Mueller Brazil This elegant pair of Macaws are each carved from a valuable bi-colored beryl known as morganite-green beryl, with a total approximate carats weights of 875.0 and 1154.0 carats. With gold vermeil feet, raised on a smoky quartz base, above a polished rock crystal quartz base. Height 13in

<b>Carved Stone Bird on Quartz</b></i> <br /> Carved sectional hardstone parrot with blue crest, beak and tail feathers and peach and cream tones to the body; perched atop a cluster of quartz crystals; H: 11 1/2" (overall)

Blue Fluorite with Phantom Purple (by cobalt123)

By Peter Mueller Brazil A room-sized display piece, this composition incorporates a pink morganite-green beryl carving of prodigious size, weighing approximately 4146 carats , having excellent strength of color. With carnelian agate beak and cabochon rubellite tourmaline eyes. The gold vermeil feet rest upon a large specimen of watermelon tourmaline having a deep pink core. Raised on a polished rock crystal base. Height 11in

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”Repose” -- Four inches tall -- Carved in citrine quartz & draped in 18-karat gold -- Resting on an obsidian base -- On display at the Shanghai Museum.

Two Lemon Quartz Macaws on Smoky Quartz Base

By Manfred Wild Idar-Oberstein, Germany An elaborate flower study consisting of a multi-gemstone bouquet rendered with 10 morganite flowers, weighing approximately 185.0 carats , 15 aquamarine flowers, weighing approximately 147.4 carats , 16 red tourmaline flowers, weighing approximately 48.38 carats , with ruby cabochons, and faceted rubies and 15 mandarin garnets, the leaves of green enamel on sterling silver. The vase of near-flawless rock crystal quartz fluted and grooved, set upon…

Majestic Rose Quartz Carving of a Cockatoo, Rock Crystal Base