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I really don't like smoking but I do love her hair and that's why I pinned it.

Amazing maiko kanzashi (worn by Mikako) This photo has already become iconic and it is just perfect for Mikako, one of the most famous Maiko of Kyoto.

撮ろうとしてもなかなか撮れない、まさに“奇跡の瞬間”をとらえた画像をご紹介。 1. ヽ(ヽ゚ロ゚)ヒイィィィ!!! 2. 無防備な大統領 3. 何も知らない右の人と、事態が飲み込めていない左の人 4. こわい・・・ 5. 気をつけろー!全部吸われるぞー!! 6. おばあちゃんwwww 7. よりによって・・・

I'm sorry, I'm not typically one to post a nude photo. But the composition and pure elegance of this photo made me repin!

究極の旅行写真のウォール 【トリップアドバイザー】




Photo Fridays: How I Set Up, Style, and Shoot

Photo Set Up and Styling: I love these real behind the scenes snapshots. Helpful, reassuring, and informative.

I’m really happy to introduce a new sample in Jeju Island. We have needed more wedding photographs with various concepts and we got this photo shoot in a perfect time. The out-door photo shoot in Jeju Island is possible to have so many different styles and concepts. You can have totally different styles depending on the weather. You can do the photo shoot experiencing the distinct four seasons and various movements like you are traveling in Jeju Island.