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by 公夫斯基

A “cloud angel” rose over South Florida on the day that a new pope was named at the Vatican. Though some would prefer to believe it’s a miracle, experts say it’s a perfectly natural phenomenon. “Pareidolia” is a combination of Greek words that essentially means “wrong shape.” It’s the same phenomenon that gives rise to the Face on Mars, or Mickey Mouse on Mercury. In the case of the cloud angel, the religious connection was heightened by the coincidence of the papal conclave.



ハワイの雲間に不死鳥が舞い降りた奇跡の一枚 : カラパイア


偶然という奇跡!カメラがとらえた決定的瞬間24選 | CuRAZY

Partial lunar eclipse on June 4, 2012. At the Miracle Lone Pine in Rikuzentakata, Iwate Pref. of Japan.

Shutter chance of a miracle, award-winning landscape photo contest 2011

miracle shot

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