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Two rare reptile species native to two delicate island ecosystems—the Black Tree Monitor (shown above), native to the Aru Islands off the coast of Papua New Guinea; and the Mossy Leaf-tailed Gecko, native to Madagascar—have reproduced at the San Diego Zoo and offer hope for two little-known, yet important species. Learn more at and at

The blue-eyed black lemur is the only primate besides humans to have blue eyes.

Red-back Cobalt blue UROMASTYX(仮)!!!!!! : 名東ペポニスタッフブログ。

The Phrynocephalus Mystaceus Lizard or Turan Toad-headed Agama, is a species of agamid lizard found in Iran, North Afghanistan, Eastern Caucasus, Kazakhstan and possibly in south of Astrakhan Oblast. This species can reach up to 24 centimetres in length and is notable for its red oral display frill.


Rainforest Animal Painting Frog Golden Poison Dart Flower Panama 12.63373

カエルやカメ,カエルとヒキガエル,傷,Frog Golden,The Golden,Panama 12,Flower Panama,Painting Frog,Canvas Measures

Yellow spotted baumwarans