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Martha Beck offers a three-part tutorial on getting over and learning from the agony of heartbreak.


How—and When—to Ghost on Someone (Yes, There's a Right Way to Do It)

Humans aren't wired for an infinite number of connections. So Martha Beck is giving you permission to fade out of casual relationships without being haunted by guilt.

Yes? No? Maybe? How to Make Decisions by Martha Beck


16 Lessons I Learned in my 20s (Healthy Tipping Point)

my life.


The Moment That Reminds You That Love Is Worth the Risk of Heartbreak

"Her air of calm made her easy to be around and, as time passed, hard to be away from. She made me feel like everything was going to be okay."


12 Things I'm Too Stubborn to Tell My Mother

Between mothers and daughters, there's love—and a whole lot of other stuff. How do you undo past misunderstandings? One woman gives it a shot.


How My Best Friend Broke My Heart

One woman's relationship with her best friend was crumbling right under her nose. Here's what she learned from it:


Dr. Phil on Making Peace with Your Parents

For some, a relationship with parents is not at all smooth. Dr. Phil dishes out expert and precise advice on how to tackle the issues in parent-child relationships:


The One Thing Anyone Seeking Forgiveness Needs to Know

One woman opens up about her struggle to make amends with her siblings over a dispute regarding their ailing mother, and what she learned about forgiveness: