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アイドリッシュ7 トリガー 1番クジ

まりも@夏コミ2日目「東シ04b」 (@marimo_hen) | تويتر


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Idolish7 Tamaki and Sogo


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【ゲーム情報】2015/9/30(予定)MEZZO"『miss you...』先行配信を記念してガシャに『追加』となります!miss you...のMV撮影時の一瞬の表情。お楽しみに! #アイドリッシュセブン #アイナナ


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~imagine~ He is your childhood friend, and has just moved into the same apartment complex. You think nothing of it, but one day, you walk into his apartment, and you notice his attitude is much different than the usual calm demeanor. You start to pick up on the fact he doesn't look all the same as the boy you knew. Is this really your old friend? Or is this man using him as an alias to get closer to you. If he is, what is his reasoning?