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The 20 Most Deadly Serial Killer Couples

Christine and Lea Papin were the famous french maids who murdered their employer's wife and daughter in Le Mans, in 1933. They were incestuous sisters who beat the two women to death with a hammer and pewter pot and gouged out their eyes with a kitchen knife and their fingers.

Ruth Davis, the penguin girl had seal limbs a disease called phocomelia. It is what gave her the penguin appearance.

Japanese human body suit being prepared for tanning.


The Most Dangerous Criminal Couples

WHAT BECAME OF THEM Fred West eventually committed suicide after a string of trials, following the murders of his own daughters, and Rosemary West was left alone, convicted of ten murders.

Time Chaser: 殺人犯が描いた絵 (海外・日本)

The Bloody Benders were an alleged family of serial killers who owned a small general store and inn in Osage township, Labette County, Kansas from 1871 to 1873. The inn was a simple one room house divided into living quarters and the kitchen and store area. The family consisted of John Bender, Mrs. Bender, son John Jr. and daughter Kate. They killed 11 victims.

Gary Ridgway (1949-) was convicted of 48 murders in the Green River Killer case that lasted more than 20 years. After his arrest, he confessed to more murders than any other American serial killer: 71. Many of the victims were prostitutes. He strangled the women and dumped their bodies in wooded areas in Washington state’s King County. He entered a plea bargain and agreed to show authorities where missing victims were in exchange for not facing the death penalty.

Caylee Anthony, murdered by her mother, Casey. My heart breaks every time I even think about this little girl.