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Medusa, Pelagia noctiluca, (Águilas, Spain) / Alfonso Gonzalez

Megalopyge opercularis by Caterpillar hunter: The larval form of the Southern Flannel Moss is deceptively adorable with its long, luxuriant hair-like setae, making it resemble a Persian cat. However, the 'fur' of the larva contains venomous spines that cause extremely painful reactions in human skin upon contact which may be localized or systemic.

こんにちは!福岡フォトスタイリング Petit Worksの山口留依です。今日は雨のち曇り…そんな福岡です。忙しい月曜日…なのに、昨日から上の子が熱を出しまし…

Starry Night Cracker (Hamadryas laodamia) by Scott Olmsted, Rio Silanche, Pichincha Ecuador.

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