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A shaman man from the Amazon Rainforest, wearing traditional dress.

Kayapo Portraits | ROPNI, an internationally known chief, is one of the few Kayapo who still wear the mahogany lip plate. | ©Martin Schoeller

The Kayapo tribe lives alongside the Xingu River in the eastern part of the Amazon Rainforest,o near the Amazon basin, in several scattered villages.


YANOMAMI PEOPLE - ... backroom 214

FACES OF THE RAINFOREST / Valdir Cruz ベネズエラをまたぐオリノコ川周辺の熱帯雨林 アマゾンの最も奥深い地域に居住する先住民族 [ ヤノマミ ] 狩猟と採集を生活の手段とする彼等は 血の気が多く戦闘を好む種族という見方がある一方で 人類で最も人間らしい営みを続ける人々とも云われている。 しかし近年では、ヤノマミの居住地…

This Kayapo Indian Man, from the southwestern Amazon, is wearing a magnificent headdress of parrot feathers

Tibetan woman. #tibet

Brazil | Members of the Paresi ethnic group wait to perform a ritual dance during the Indigenous Games on the island of Porto Real in the city of Porto Nacional | © Eraldo Peres for AP