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European Ethnic Map 1914 #map #europe

The Roman Empire was the post-Republican period of the ancient Roman civilization, characterized by government headed by emperors, and large territorial holdings around theMediterranean Sea in Europe, Africa, and Asia. The 500 year old republic which preceded it was severely destabilized in a series of civil wars and political conflict, during which Julius Caesar was appointed as perpetual dictator and then assassinated in 44 BC. Civil wars and executions continued, culminating in the…

Constituent states German Empire

Palaeolithic cave-art in Eurasia. Map of distribution

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Genetic Landscape of Eurasia and “Admixture” in Uyghurs — ScienceDirect

Map of major soil types of Europe (Source: JRC/ESDAC)

A German map of Atlantic steamship routes from 1895 (via

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Imaginary Borders : "Rather than showing the state of America prior to European colonization, this image is one author’s idea of what America might look like today if Europeans had never colonized it."