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The 12 Labours of Hercules (Heracles), Roman relief (marble), sarcophagus, 2nd century AD, (Antalya Müzesi, Antalya). [photo by Dick Osseman]

Detail : Fountain - Head of Hercules with the skin of a Lion. 19th.century. Antoine Laurent Dantan. French 1798-1878. Place de la Republique. Arles France. bronze.

Lichtenstein Castle, Germany

The labours of Hercules (Heracles), Roman relief (marble), 3rd century AD, (Archaeological Museum, Konya).

Templo de Portunus. Exemplo do típico templo romano, cunha base alta e unha escaleira frontal. Portunus era o protector dos portos e de feito este templo está preto do porto do Tíber. Foi coñecido anteriormente como o templo da Fortuna Virilis. Ó fondo podemos distinguir o campanario da igrexa de Santa María in Cosmedin, onde se atopa a Bocca della Veritá.

Ancient Greek Architecture Facts for Kids

Sbeitla (or Sufetula) is a fairly well preserved Roman city in the mid west of Tunisia. The city contains a vast almost square forum paved with stone slabs and surrounded by a wall. The forum has a gateway on one side and three Roman temples on the opposite side. Instead of constructing only one temple dedicated to the three most important Roman gods, Jupiter, Juno, and Minerva, the inhabitants of Sbeitla built separate temples for each one. (

The Roman Temple of Portunus, Rome, Italy, 1st century B.C.E. The year 221 B.C.E. was a turning point both for Rome and for Roman art....

Grave stele of Phainippos and Mnesarete 350 BC - Athens - Louvre Museum

Representation of the lupercal: Romulus and Remus fed by a she-wolf, surrounded by representations of the Tiber and the Palatine. Panel from an alter dedicated to the divine couple of Mars and Venus. Marble, Roman artwork of the end of the reign of Trajan (98-117 CE), later re-used under the Hadrianic era (117-132 CE) as a base for a statue of Silvan. From the portico of the Piazzale dei Corporazioni in Ostia Antica.