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This image shows the spectacular star-forming region known as the Flame Nebula, or NGC 2024, in the constellation of Orion (the Hunter) and its surroundings. In views of this evocative object in visible light the core of the nebula is completely hidden behind obscuring dust, but in this VISTA view, taken in infrared light, the cluster of very young stars at the object’s heart is revealed.

Infant Stars. There are millions of other universes with their own galaxies-- which each have their own black hole (or as some say, birth canal) where that universe was created! So amazing!

アンテナ銀河:宇宙のダンス 二つの銀河が衝突して、ガスと塵、恒星が鮮やかな光の渦巻きをつくるアンテナ銀河。これまでで最も精細に観測された「宇宙のダンス」だ。二つの銀河は、数億年前に合体し始めた。衝突の勢いにより、数十億の新星が生まれる。 写真=NASA/ESA/Hubble Heritage Team シリーズ「宇宙」「ハッブルが拓いた時代」より

" you're falling back to me, the star that I can see, I know you're out there. .. somewhere out there..."

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PN G75.5+1.7

Hubble Sees Red Giant Blow a Bubble

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