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Be a Spring Explorer: 5 Nature Activities for Kids

Easy experiment conducted anywhere there is a patch of grass to demonstrate that water vapor is given off during photosynthesis. a glowing splint in the jar an hour later & when it re-lights demonstrates oxygen is also produced.

How to make a sundial - kindergarten sun study. Super simple setup - great learning opportunity.

pesticide demonstration - plant absorption makes it impossible to wash pesticides off of food.

Making bouncy eggs! Left in vinegar for 2 days and all the shell drops off and it goes transparent, can also be coloured!

water erosion model | river model | river model making for kids

Fireworks in a Jar

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What a fun detail! making books come alive!

clever clothespin toy!

Bottle Ecosystem, This is the most awesome class idea to teach ecosystems! Its self contained and you can observe the activity for the rest of the year. No mess no fuss and all of this cost about 17 dollars.