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Optical Glass House designed by Hiroshi Nakamura & Nap in Hiroshima,Japan expresses a window that literally acts as a support for the building, the glass blocks are load bearing to a degree and act more as a wall than a window. The greatest aspect of this is the translucent properties of the glass. Light can pass, but the images are unclear. Window, not to connect to the outside world, but to bring the outside, in.


Crystal Brick Ⅱ

ToLioRe is a minimal home located in Tokyo, Japan, designed by Atelier Tekuto. These three materials bring a balance to its structure. Compressive strength of glass blocks and ALC panels are almost equal, so these two can be replaced each other and provides unlimited wall patterns of solid and translucent wall. We believe that this system is a completed answer for Le Corbusier`s “Free Façade”. If you got money, the wall pattern can be change tomorrow. (4)

寝室のクローゼット,デザインカラー,設計スタイル,収納壁,キャビネット,配置,Henrik Freek,S003 Bedroom,Love Design

The Glass House - Philip Johnson //


Gallery of Apartment Blocks in Nanterre / X-TU - 5

Apartment Blocks in Nanterre / X-TU #gevel


White Block Gallery / SsD

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Gallery of House in Itami / Tato Architects - 11

House in Itami / Tato Architects

Love the mixture of cement blocks and brick!