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Gaykhatu was the fifth Ilkhanate ruler in Iran. He reigned from 1291 to 1295.During his reign, Gaykhatu was a noted dissolute who was addicted to wine, women, and sodomy, according to Mirkhond.

Kuniyoshi UTAGAWA (1798~1861), Japan

Persian: Courtly Scene in a Garden, Right folio of Double Page Frontispiece (verso) from a Manuscript of the Shahnama of Firdawsi from 1444. (Cleveland Museum of Art)


Imam Mosque in Iran

The ms. contains 53 paintings [which is related in style to the school of Shiraz during the reign of 'Abd-ullah b. Ibrāhīm - F. 351 (138 x 139) "Iskandar inspects the work of blacksmiths who manufacture rubble brass to build the wall that should separate the land of Gog and Magog neighboring territories and give them peace and prosperity."

Tsuchiya Mari pottery, Japan

Tekuder receives an embassy. Tarikh-i Jahangushay-i Juvaini, 15th century. Ahmed Tekuder, also known as Sultan Ahmad (reigned 1282–1284), was the sultan of the Persia-based Ilkhanate, son of Hulegu and brother of Abaqa. He was eventually succeeded by Arghun Khan. Tekuder was born Nicholas Tekuder Khan and had been baptized in his childhood as a Nestorian Christian; however, Tekuder later embraced Islam and changed his name to Ahmed Tekuder.

Scene from the Persian story of Leili and Majnun by the Iranian poet Nezami-ye Ganjavi.

Iran: Iskandar-Nameh in the Hermitage's famous Persian manuscript of the Khamsa, an anthology of five poems by the 12th-century poet Nizami,