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Venus Flytraps are very easy to grow. The more light they get, the more colorful they become. The less light, the less color, but they grow bigger. Peat moss, distilled water, and warm temps are all that are needed.

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5 Terrariums That Are A Cut Above

Carnivorous Plant Terrarium: This one might look normal, but it's filled with Pitcher Plant, a plant rumored to eat flies like the Venus Fly Trap. They aren't easy to grow and growing one as nice as this in a terrarium is pretty impressive.

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Water Terrarium

A large glass bowl and a plant stand gets you this great little water garden for your patio/porch.

Japanese moss ball art. The best turntable for #Kokedama #Bonsai #Ikebana artists @

Homage to the Terrarium

Carnivorous plant terrarium

How to kokedama - Moss Ball, can grow plants from it, in a dish or hang it up...