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Tsukasabotan "Yamayuzu Shibori" & Treasure Ship (a Ginjo from Miyashita Brewery in Okayama)

Tonight's luxury: "Katana" from the Hananomai brewery in Shizuoka. (Photo by Bannister Bergen)

雪の結晶をモチーフにしたモダンで、でもちゃんと和なミニ菰樽。 藤巻百貨店【菰樽】ミニ鏡開きセット

One Cup Ozeki: "A Cup of Happiness" - Probably the only beverage in the world marketed for what it truly is (Photo by Bannister Bergen)

Japanese Sake "Akishika"|秋鹿 純米大吟醸雫酒

My home brew shibori-tate (Photo by Bannister Bergen)

2013 New Year's Special Sake Bottle with an Ema Wooden Wishing Plaque (Otafuku Lucky Lady Lable) |高砂の初しぼり酒

Outside Meiji Jingu...oh god there's so much! Emperor Meiji wouldn't mind if I took just one barrel would he? (Photo by Bannister Bergen)

Sake available in Vancouver - Hakutsuru Junmai. Cheap, easy and still made in Japan, there is something about a warm ochoko full of Hakutsuru that just feels like home...I only wish we could get it in cartons here.

Happy Nihonshu no hi...kampai. (Photo by Bannister Bergen)