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Nature's Path Founder Arran Stephens, quoted in The Organic Movement insert in the Washington Post February 27th, 2013.

Hybrids are NOT the same as GMOs. The simple difference is one is made in nature with nature and the other was manipulated in a lab. GMOs could never occur in nature! GMOs are currently created by chemical companies and are also reliant on chemicals to grow. A double dose of chemicals is what you’ve agreed to if you support or ingest GMOs. Get more facts here: Please share this info-graphic! #NoGMOs #GMOs #RightToKnow GMO Inside

Former Pro-GMO Scientist Speaks Out on the Real Dangers of Genetically Engineered Food -

This is actually posted on McDonald's items in California because their laws are stricter there in regards to labeling their food.

Don Huber, Emeritus Professor at Purdue University and senior scientist on USDA’s National Plant Disease Recovery System, has been a plant physiologist and pathologist for over 40 years. His academic career began with 8 years as a cereal pathologist at the University of Idaho, and the next 35 years at Purdue University where he specialised in soil-borne disease control, physiology of disease, and microbial ecology.


Eat Locally Grown Food


Monsanto Patent Rejected by Indian Government and Rejection Upheld, Saving Small Farmers -

Because the U.S. government subsidizes the GMO corn ethanol industry, wet distiller grains left over from the GMO corn ethanol making process have become a cheap source of feed for U.S. cattle. Now USDA researchers have found that "E. coli pathogens live longer in feces from cattle fed with more wet distillers grain." Tom Philpott at Mother Jones explains: "In essence, the entire corn ethanol edifice hinges on a product the USDA openly acknowledges boosts the pathogen load in beef."

My Food Fight: IBD vs. Monsanto Occupy Monsanto

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Top 10 GM Foods

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