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Nature's Path Founder Arran Stephens, quoted in The Organic Movement insert in the Washington Post February 27th, 2013.

Hybrids are NOT the same as GMOs. The simple difference is one is made in nature with nature and the other was manipulated in a lab. GMOs could never occur in nature! GMOs are currently created by chemical companies and are also reliant on chemicals to grow. A double dose of chemicals is what you’ve agreed to if you support or ingest GMOs. Get more facts here: Please share this info-graphic! #NoGMOs #GMOs #RightToKnow GMO Inside

Top 5 Uses for Spent Coffee Grounds in the Garden

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Love this quote from Michael Pollan!

These are the foods that should be bought organic if you have to choose because they are highest in chemicals & pesticides. Good to know!

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Top 10 GM Foods

Do You Know What The Top Ten GMOs Are?

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9 Steps To Taking More Responsibility For Your Food

GMO free. If it doesn't work in nature, it can't work for us. #GMOs #buyorganic

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